Escort Reviews & Membership

We have re-enabled the reviews on this site, as well we will be activating the membership section to allow our customers to see videos, and un-blurred face shots of the escorts.

On the site is a brief example of some of the escort reviews submitted by our customers, with the more detailed reviews available to our verified clients

Get verified and become a member of our site.  Doing so will allow you to view more photos of the escort already listed as well get a sneak peek of some of the escorts not available to the public.

In order to activate your user account please ensure you enter your phone number.  If you booked from a hotel room, or used the services longer than a month ago, you will neet to call the office to activate membership under email address.

To confirm you are indeed a client of our agency, you will need to submit at least one review of an escort recently seen from this agency.

In order to keep your account active you will need to post at least one review every 60 days, to ensure you are continually using the services.

If you would like us to add your review, please shoot us an email, and we’ll be glad to post on your behalf. You could also submit on the bottom of this page.


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