Escort Jobs in Vancouver

Vancouver Escort Jobs

Become a Cover Girl Escort

Who Should Apply?

Cover Girl Escort Agency is Hiring females intersted looking to work as top class escorts in Vancouver. Not only will this job help you to become financially secure in little time,  we will also recommend the best clientel.  Please ensure the following applies, before you apply to work with our company: 

  • You are at least 19 years with valid government issued photo id.
  • You  must be attractive and well kept.
  • Maintain a healtly mind, body, and lifestyle.
  • You are drug and drama free.  
  • You have done your research about working as an escort( if you have no prior experience). 
  • You are confident with an outgoing positive personality 
  • You have submitted a recent photo, please confirm the office has recieved your photo by calling the office directly.  

How to Apply?

Please call or text to schedule a personal meeting with management.  Interviews are booked daily after 9pm at our centrally located Vancouver office.  We do request you submit accurate unfiltered photos prior to the interview.  Come to your interview dress as you would to see a client, classy casual is prefered over sexy and provocative, as majority of our bookings are to hotels and residances that require discretion.   

(604) 438-7119


How to be a successful escort

Successful Escorts

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Tips and Tricks from Successful Female Escorts

Often times its the simplest changes that make the biggest impact on your success in any relationship or job for that matter.  If you are looking to become more successful as an escort or would like a few tips before you dive into a new profession, we have a listed the following tips to help with your success as an escort

  1.  Introduce yourself with a smile, show a genuine interest in the client,  and give compliments.  
  2. Prepare yourself mentally and physically before working as an escort.
  3. Take time to get ready put extra effort into your appearance, if you look top notch you’ll feel the same.
  4.  Don’t come to work stressed.  Often times the energy you bring to your clients will reflect in the overall experience, its best to work well rested and in good spirits.
  5.  Keep your job confidential, only tell someone you truly trust.
  6.  Stay safe,  regardless of money and promises, your safety should always be a top priority.
  7. Collect all your fees in a timely manner, prices will be agreed to prior to your arrival. Ensure you collect and confirm you are ok with your agency and driver. 
  8. Go with your instinct, If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe don’t stay with the client.  We always recommend 5-10 minutes to get to know first time clients. If you’re not comfortable, you should return the customer’s money and excuse yourself as politely as possible.
  9. Have confidence and  guide the encounter, you both will have a better experience if you take the lead and initiate the overall experience, rather than waiting for your client to tell you what he wants. 
  10. Bring along massage oil, sexy outfits, lingerie.
  11. Don’t take any drugs before or while you’re with a client.
  12. Don’t or overindulge when it comes to alcohol beverages. If you feel the need to join your date with a beverage make sure it is freshly opened in your presence and don’t overdo it.
  13. Never leave your belongings unattended especially a purse.  Not only can it make your date feel uncomfortable but you wouldn’t want to question yourself or your date for something misplaced or missing. 
  14. If you are new to the business or agency: ask as many questions as possible and get advice from other escorts.

There are many things to learn about how to be a successful Vancouver escort.  I invite feedback and comments on this subject.  


Escorting is not for everyone. 

If you’re looking to become an escort solely based on the pay scale, you are sure to fail!  The girls that are the most successful are those who are comfortable in the company of others, have friendly outgoing personalities, and will be able to separate their personal lives from their work as an escort.