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We are always hiring attractive female escorts in Vancouver.  If you are looking to work with Cover Girl Escorts,  please submit the following information in the online application form or call/text 604-438-7119.    To be hired with our Vancouver agency you must be at least 19 years of age, with valid government issued photo ID.    We will request you send recent un-edited photos.    If you are interested working immediately, please call after 6pm to speak with management directly.   




  1. We are a reputable busy agency with great clientele.
  2. Security drivers are provided to ensure a safe arrival and departure to and from your bookings.
  3. We deal with your promotions and advertising on company sites.
  4. Professional booking staff will screen clients and answer inquiries on your behalf.
  5. You are fully informed of your bookings and have the right to refuse any client at any time.
  6. Option to show your Income and gain credit to lease or purchase a home or vehicle. Income declared to government through private corporation with payroll deductions, pay slips, and T4’s will be given and submitted on your behalf.
  7. Set your own availability and work from our downtown office or book on from home whenever you want.
  8. You can choose to work as much or little as you decide upon.
  9. Working as an Escort with our agency will give you the opportunity of being financially secure within a short period of time.
  10.  We offer a  professional work environment and relationship to everyone associated with Cover Girl Escorts.  
  11.  The safety and discretion of our escorts, employees, and clientele is of utmost importance. 
  12. Customers are screened and professional drivers are provided.